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Dairy proteins

Functional and nutritional dairy proteins

We supply a broad range of functional and nutritional dairy proteins for food processing. Below is an excerpt our our range. Please contact us for special requests.


Dairy powder PROCHOC

Milk powders designed for chocolate manufacturing bringing optimal rheological and sensory attributes to chocolate.

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Micellar casein PRODIET

Optimized casein/native whey protein ratio (92/8), high levels in bioavailable calcium, good texturising properties.


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Native wheat proteins PRODIET

Gellifying properties, texture booster, synerese reduction.

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Protein hydrolysates PRODIET

Protein hydrolysate (from casein or whey) with a hydrolysis degree of 15% or 25%. For clinical nutrition, infant nutrition, and sport nutrition.

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Skimmed milk powder replacement PROCREAM

For full or partial replacement of skimmed milk powder.

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Total milk proteins PRODIET

Texturiser, yield increase.

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Wholemilk powder replacement PROCREAM

For full or partial replacement of wholemilk powder.

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Please call or email us for more info.

Michael Telsing
Area Sales Manager 
+45 40 73 84 41

Michael Telsing area sales manager at Alsiano

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