New caramels with fruity notes

Caramel and fruits are a delicious combination in Sethness-Roquette’s new clean label Carafruit® range which also includes a caramel based on 100% fruit sugar

Nowadays, consumers are looking for a healthy and environmentally friendly diet. As a responsible supplier, Sethness-Roquette has developed innovative products to meet the consumer demand for organic, natural and no-added sugar products.

Sethness-Roquette now launches their newly developed range of caramels Carafruit® which are produced with apple, pear or orange juice concentrates. These fruits match perfectly with caramel, resulting in gourmet, balanced and flavourful caramels. A caramel made from 100% natural sugars extracted from fruits with no other sugar added completes the Carafruit® caramel range. These caramels will perfectly suit your ice-creams, desserts, yoghurts and biscuits bringing a nice fruity note to your applications. The Carafruit® caramels are of course all “clean label”.

Organic aromatic caramels & burnt sugar

In addition to the new Carafruit® range, Sethness-Roquette also offers two certified organic ranges: organic Aromatic Caramel offering caramelised cane sugar notes which will perfectly suit milk desserts, custards, ice-creams and biscuits, among other things. Organic Burnt Sugar providing a range of colours from yellow to brown depending on the dosage and can also bring aromatic notes. This Burnt Sugar is suited for soft drinks, confectionery and bakery, beer and balsamic vinegar.

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